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Sleek, modern design


Soft replaceable forearm pad.

OptiComfort-Feature-033.6″ (9.2cm) deep cuff
for comfort and security

OptiComfort Weighs just 1.12 lbs. (508g)

OptiComfort Forearm Crutch Specifications
fdi forearm crutch
  • The main advantage is the comfort and ergonomics. I haven't had any pain in my elbows, shoulders and back after I started using the ErgoDynamic crutches. The same applies to my hands, no pain. The grips also prevent the hands from sliding outwards which was an irritating problem before. Another advantage is that the ferrule (crutch tip) maintains full contact on hills and angled surfaces.  
    Harold T.Left ACL / Meniscus Tear
  • One week after my surgery, my underarm crutches were absolutely killing my shoulders and torso. I really had no idea what to do next until I found your crutches online. I just can't believe what a difference these made from the very first day. They are incredibly light, the grips are such a relief on my hands and the adjustable cuff fit my arm perfectly. I'm an active girl and never realized I could be so mobile on crutches! Thank you for a great product.
    Sarah N. Right ACL / MCL Reconstruction
  • I was on crutches for 8 weeks after fracturing my pelvis and ankle in 2 places. I bought your ErgoTech crutches 3 weeks into my recovery and they were simply a game changer for me. You guys build an incredible product and just wanted to say thanks.
    Jim P. Pelvis and Ankle Fractures
  • My shoulders and wrists are better supported and padded because of the shock absorber and the grip, that's great. The lighter weight makes them more comfortable than traditional crutches. I can also take more advantage of the swing/downturn for better walking speed.
    Janina M.Left Leg Amputee / No prosthesis
  • First off, thank you for such a awesome product. These things made such a huge difference from the crutches I was given at the hospital. After a couple of days of practice I was ripping around my house and office no problem. Not only do they look cool, they are super light and comfy. Thanks for making my last 4 weeks on crutches bearable!
    Bryan D.